Why Us?

I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist, but I do know that when I have treated my body with holistic and “real food” it performs at it’s best.   I realized, there were huge benefits for fueling my body with organic and natural ingredients so why wouldn’t I want the same for my pets.  There are so many natural remedies that have been used for thousands of years, but as a culture, it’s all too easy to pop a pill. 

Like I said, it’s easy to pop a pill….but we all know that many of our ailments, and our pet’s ailments can be assisted and complemented with holistic remedies.  I felt compelled to share this vision and incorporate CBD from HEMP, nature’s botanical superstar into not only our lives but our companions lives.

We aren’t the only one’s creating HEMP biscuits and treats, but we trust in our product. Austin has them every day.  We know our biscuits are made with natural and locally sourced ingredients and our team is passionate about using real food, no junk or fillers. We know a good diet is key to happy and healthy pets, which is why all our biscuit recipes are packed with the highest quality oil and lots of other good stuff (just check out our label).

And finally, we strive for consistency, accurate dosing, independent lab testing and we have nothing to hide. We stand behind our products and you can ask to see our lab results anytime.