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Apr 19, 2020


  My Police Bomb Dog K9-Chase, came down with a debilitating onset of arthritis in back legs. At that time he was 9....

Apr 13, 2020


Burly is our nervous Nellie. He didn’t start off being nervous but after his buddy Lucy passed, he went through a ter...

Mar 30, 2020


A picture is worth a thousand words.  He had been told he has about 2 months to live.  He has degenerative neuropathy...

May 14, 2019

Diesel and Sasha

Your CBD oil has worked wonders for Diesel and Sasha's anxiety!  So glad to have them happy and healthy. Grant A. in ...

Sep 24, 2018


My Ellie has become increasingly aggressive. Her vet suggested we try your product. She has completely relaxed and ch...

Sep 19, 2018


Your products have put a little pep in my Pep’s step and a smile on my face to see her so happy. Rebecca L., in Lynwo...

Jun 4, 2018

Ophelia + Sault

The anticipation of your biscuits... and thank you for the ONE thing that has helped them chill and enjoy their daily...

Apr 30, 2018


When she about eight or nine, we discovered that she was 'coughing' or 'hacking' rather frequently. We took her to th...

Apr 30, 2018


Milo is a sweetie! Your CBD hemp cookies (*Made in Seattle*) help me feel better! Thanks for making such a great prod...

Apr 2, 2018


I just wanted to send a quick note to say how much Zeus love his cookies (haven't tried the oil yet bit will soon)! ...

Feb 27, 2018


I wanted to write and tell you about Faye.  I got your treats for my 16 yr old corgi with degenerative myelopathy. Sh...

Dec 18, 2017


Thank you for creating such a wonderfully formulated CBD treat for dogs.  My best friend Atlas, who recently turned ...
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