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Mar 30, 2020


These biscuits are not as hard as the others. Izzypop can chew them much easier. Which means she likes them! Allison ...

Aug 20, 2019


I got the oil to help with inflammation. He has a touch of pano and gets sore from the growing pains...He also has di...

Feb 8, 2019


This is my 17 year old cat Cleopatra. Cleo has severe arthritis and constipation and I was also told she has a primar...

Apr 30, 2018


I thought you guys might enjoy these shots of Cody with your treats! Cody is so relaxed just seeing the bag ... lol. ...

Feb 27, 2018


I wanted to write and tell you about Faye.  I got your treats for my 16 yr old corgi with degenerative myelopathy. Sh...

Jan 11, 2018


I can’t thank you enough for these treats. You really have saved my dog with these biscuits. I’m forever grateful. W...

Nov 20, 2017


I was given a sample of 2mg treats for my 6 yr old, 23lb Cockapoo, Neo. We LOVE them!  My dog has inflammatory bowel ...

Oct 19, 2017


I've been home from vacation a week and thought I'd give you both an update on how Puddin is doing and our experience...

Oct 19, 2017


Our dog doing SIGNIFICANTLY better. Last Monday (the day before she started on the biscuits) she was basically refusi...

Oct 19, 2017


Who knew?  Dogs suffer from “empty nest syndrome.” Because we are the expert when it comes to our 10 ½ year old choco...

Oct 19, 2017


My Bellagirl loves her Austin and Kat biscuits, (even though I torture her with "WAIT....WAIT...WAAAAIIIIIITTT." to g...

Oct 19, 2017


Maddie wants seconds...and is having a positive experience. She's our rescue dog. She is doing so well with CBD and I...
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