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Jun 16, 2020


We have a 13 year old female Pitbull.  The veterinarian told us she has the worst case of arthritis he has seen.  A f...

Mar 30, 2020

Cashew and Picasso

Very good. I use the 5mg biscuits for my 2 dogs. Cashew is my distinguished gentleman and he gets them for his arthri...

Mar 30, 2020


Well our 11 year old Rot has had arthritis since birth in her two front shoulders – then tore both her ACL’s in the r...

Nov 7, 2019


We give Otter your product for his arthritis and collapsing trachea issues. We notice the CBD oil helps him be comfor...

Aug 20, 2019


They love them, and it helps Horatio's arthritis and keeps my hyper 3-year-old Rottie Lexie a little calmer. (Here is...

May 13, 2019


Our girl Zena is an almost 12 year old GSD and suffers from arthritis in her hips and back, causing limited mobility ...

May 9, 2019


He is LOVING the treats! We had him on a lower dose CBD treat and oil before for arthritis and anxiety, but we wanted...

Feb 12, 2019


My girl is almost 15 (in April) she has had ACL surgery about three years ago now and that worked until well about a ...

Nov 13, 2018


They work really good. Gives our Shepard relief from her arthritis in the hips. She can actually walk after eating on...

Apr 30, 2018


This is Bentley he’s 12 years old and has one eye and severe arthritis. Austin and Kat treats help him with his mobil...

Mar 26, 2018


Patch is 15 and slowing down in her later years. We have walked and hiked all over Salt Lake. She had arthritis now ...

Dec 18, 2017


Thank you for creating such a wonderfully formulated CBD treat for dogs.  My best friend Atlas, who recently turned ...
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