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Sir George

Sir George

I (Sir George the Frenchie) was diagnosed was IVDD In November of 2017. Out of no where, I was wobbly and could barely walk, with intense pain. I had to spend all night at the emergency vet and that is where I was told the bad news.

IVDD is a condition that affects the discs in your spine and causes them to put pressure on your spinal nerves. My nerves that control my back legs are affected. This caused weakness and pain in my back legs, and diminished reflexes. The options are surgery or crate rest and LUCKILY I qualified for crate rest since I did not lose my motor control. HOWEVER, this means I have to STRICTLY rest for 8 weeks in my crate.

No daycare or fun.

Now, resting doesn’t sound all that bad except unfortunately I have horrible anxiety that made it extra hard for me to relax in my crate. The vet prescribed me pain medication that helped the pain but I would cry for hours on end. The vet then prescribed me trazadone, which is a prescription anxiety medication. This did work, but left me completely zonked out. This made mom sad because I was never acting myself.

Then, a few weeks into my crate rest mom discovered these AMAZING hemp treats. WOW. She couldn’t be happier. Mostly, because I AM way happier. These treats allow me to rest in my comfy crate without the dreaded anxiety of being alone and caged. 

Within 2 weeks of starting them mom was able to get me completely off of the trazadone. I am happy to announce I now can rest peacefully in my crate for the WHOLE day without crying!!

I feel a lot more like myself too and that makes mom the most happy. Thanks for making an awesome and delicious product!! We will be a forever customer. 

Sir George the Frenchie in West Des Moines, IA

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