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Piper and Voodoo

Piper and Voodoo

My girl Piper will be 4 years old on June 30th.  She has moderate Hip Dysplasia and a herniated disc that presses on a nerve and is considered high risk for surgery.  After learning of her HD, I started looking into CBD oil for dogs and a friend of ours @hawkhitstheroad recommended Austin and Kat so we decided to try it. 

I fell in love with the variety they offer.  Not only can you get the oil but you can get a variety style of biscuits best suited for your dog and activity.  Piper gets one in the a.m. and one in the evening and her mobility in her hind end has definitely improved and continues to look better than it had been before. 

I also give them to her brother Voodoo as an overall wellness booster.  We love to be active and hike and I feel good knowing I'm helping support him internally with the Active and On the Go biscuits and to help his joints and muscles heal with the No More Wiggles biscuit when we are turning in for the evening. 

Supporting local is also something I try to do when what I need is offered and the fact that Austin and Kat are also in WA, makes purchasing from them even better!

Briana G., in Enumclaw, WA