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I need to tell you about the wonderful improvement in the health of my senior dog, Piper.  She is an almost 10 year old Golden Mix.  She is a great dog and was doing fine until just after Thanksgiving 2019.  At that time she began having lots of trouble using her front legs.  If you touched her in a couple of places she cried.  This is a dog who never was a cry baby.  You might step on her paw by mistake, but she never made a sound.  She deteriorated rapidly and would only leave her kennel to eat or use the bathroom.  We practically carried her to the vet in early December.  He thought it was probably a pinched nerve, sciatica sort of problem.  It did look like that.  She was prescribed an anti-seizure drug and a nerve pain reliever. She was probably on them three weeks in all.  At first, she seemed better, but then became much, much worse.  She could only stagger walk. She could not lift her head.  We thought we would have to put her down.  We took her off the drugs.  They were hurting her.
In a conversation with my daughter, Leah, she told me about Austin and Kat.  I went to the website and ordered the Senior Blend.  After maybe two to three weeks, we saw signs of improvement.  She would not go on our normal 1 to 2 hour morning walk, but she would get up and go outside to our back porch.  After that we saw steady, gradual improvement.  About three weeks ago, she began doing most of the morning walk! ... No complaints.  We are continuing the three per day Senior Blend biscuits.  The other two get Oyster Crackers for their "medicine."  
We cannot thank you enough.  If you think we need to reduce from three times a day, please let me know.  Right now, I am so very, very thankful for your biscuits for our Piper. 
With gratitude,
Mona K. in Pearland, TX