Last year, I took now 10 yr. old Murph pheasant hunting and he could barely walk halfway through the hunt. That night he could barely get up to eat as he was so stiff and sore. The next morning was even worse. As a result , I was not going to take him this year as it just seemed too hard on him. But when he saw the gear he was ready to go. I decided to put biscuits to the test. He had two before we went out, and we hunted for 3 hours and covered a great deal of tough terrain . He had the time of his life. I gave him 2 more biscuits with his dinner and he was moving well. The next morning he was his normal self and even whined to go for a walk. It was amazing that he was a year older but appeared to be so much more capable and comfortable than last year's post hunt timing. 

Pretty amazing and Murph has another year of bird hunting fun!

- Tim McGee in Boise, ID

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