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First of all, I am a senior at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA but grew up in the Bay Area with two brothers. I am a CBD user myself. I believe in spreading love and positivity and CBD helps many people do this! 


My family's dog is an absolute angel and a rock of our family, She is a 12 (almost 13) year old Weimaraner named, Gemma has only within the past year started to struggle more with inflammation, trouble walking/getting up, pain, etc. (she has always had separation-anxiety). Being that I have used CBD for my own anxiety and Cerebral Palsy, I had a feeling CBD could help my girl. I did not want to give her any dosage myself (although human doses are easy) so I did a quick google search for CBD dog treats and there it is (LEAFLY). Leafly does great work and I trust their staff, your product and company was on their list and I had to go with the best:) Also the PNW connection! I read your bio, loved your story and felt a connection to your character!


Our girl Gemma has been my best friend, especially through difficult times. She has always been our sister (my brothers and I) and we absolutely adore and spoil her. Long story short, my mom passed away four years ago and Gemma was really close to her.  As time moved on, Gemma became much closer to my Dad and really showed him that she is an incredible family member, capable of only giving love. My dad now loves our girl more than ever and so has been on top of her medical needs. She's currently on two pain meds including a steroid but I introduced my dad to CBD himself and our girl. All we want to do is make her comfortable and happy....so thank you for this!
Henry W., in Atherton, CA


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