CBD for dog with arthritis


I have a 5 year old English Setter named Eleanor. She is a companion hunter and beloved pet. Eleanor sustained a chronic arthritic injury in her back right hock. It's been a few years now. It's a chronic injury that flares up with too much exercise or sometimes a long car ride (inactivity). Eleanor has been taking anti-inflammatories everyday for a few years now. Her stomach acts up once in awhile so I decided to give something else a try. That's when my daughter sent me a bag of your CBD Infused Wellness Dog Biscuits!

Eleanor has been taking a biscuit each day and she has been showing signs of improvement. Her hock looks about the same size, but her well being seems better - more relaxed, happy, playful, and comfortable. She shows me this by being spontaneous! She is ready to play with her rowdy younger brother, has a lot more stamina and endurance in the fields, rolls over on her back, stretches, and makes her happy moans! She is more regular with her eating too which tells me her tummy is less uncomfortable! Eleanor seems more light hearted and relaxed these days - plays with her toys constantly too!

Eleanor likes the taste of her new treats - peanut butter and apple (so does her brother)!

Overall, I would like to continue giving Eleanor the CBD biscuits - cutting out the anti-inflammatories altogether! It's much easier on her tummy and gives the same results!

I am very pleased with your product.

Update, Ellie may have possible brain involvement with her "useless leg". She is on an antibiotic that crosses the blood brain barrier. Our vet said, 'Be sure she continues with her CBD.' This is a picture of us - we are wearing protective goggles during her laser treatments. 

- Allison H in Bellingham, WA

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