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First off I’d like to say we are a proud family who decided to try your products. My boy Dax is a very high energy XXL BULLY weighing right at 130lbs. He has had many surgeries starting with his front two legs. Elbow dysplasia!! Before the surgery, his limp would be not as noticeable while watching him walk. But as the weeks carried on so did his limping issue. He took him to a rehabilitation specialist here in Tampa Florida where after many tests came to the conclusion that surgery was a must. Fast-forwarding to today. Our Doctor gave us so much insight as to how CBD OILS would give DAX a great amount of comfort. After extensive research. We found your brand to really touch our ♥️ hearts. We have bought the 1200 mg bottle all the time because we feel it is more effective for our giant animal. We love your products and have shared our story with many people. Again I’d like to Thank you from the bottom of our hearts on creating a product that allows so much relief and comfort for my boy DAX.

Jason L., in Wesley Chapel, FL

You can follow Dax and his adventures on instagram @xxlbullydax

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