Chula's Seizures have stopped!

Chula's Seizures have stopped!

It's exciting to receive phone calls from our customers we helped, and Andy and his family was no exception.  What was most touching to me was the benefit to Chula, helped the entire family.  

I asked Andy to share his story and some photos of's what he had to say.

"Our dog doing SIGNIFICANTLY better. Last Monday (the day before she started on the biscuits) she was basically refusing to eat anything (dry dog food; wet dog food; bacon; steak; etc.) and wasn’t taking any of her pills.  She had two serious seizures that day, was vomiting and having diarrhea and was overall not doing well.  We got her to eat a biscuit the next day (had to wrap it in lunch meat) and noticed that she seemed more comfortable – better appetite, no vomiting.  Since then she’s been having two per day.  Her appetite is better than it has been in months, she’s alert and interested in what’s going on around her and she’s generally doing much better than she had been.

More interestingly, we’ve gradually reduced her seizure meds from what she had been taking (14 Zonisamide and 4 Keppra per day) to 8 Zonisamide and 4 Keppra.  She hasn’t had a seizure since she started on the biscuits.  Had we cut her meds back before, she would have started having multiple seizures a day within a few days.  I think we’re going to keep her at this level of seizure meds for a while to make sure she’s stable, and then try cutting back a bit more and go to 3 biscuits a day if needed.

So, long story to say that I am extremely grateful and would absolutely buy these biscuits in store.  Not to mention they smell like real food.  Good work on these.

You've changed not only her life, but ours too.

Thank you."


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