Which functional biscuit is right for my pup?

If you’ve got an older pup, Brady’s Senior Blend can lend your dogs a helping paw when they need it most.

If your dog is bothered by fireworks, thunderstorms, trips to the groomer, the mailman, or practically anything else, Bailey’s No More Wiggles is as calming for him or her as your favorite cup of tea is for you.

If you have a dog who loves to run, hunt, hike, train, and is generally active, Austin’s Active Formula can help ensure that no matter how hard you go today, they’ll be eager to go again tomorrow!

And if your pup has joint and mobility issues, Bakko’s Get Up and Go! can help provide the comfort to, well, get up and go.

You might even have a pup who could benefit from multiple types of biscuits depending on what each day has in store!

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