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What to Do When Your Dog Has Arthritis

Anyone looking for further proof that our pups are just like us (except with a few extra legs and a lot more fur!) only needs to watch them grow old. As the dog years start to add up, they tend to suffer the same troubles as their aging humans. And that means look out for arthritis.

Osteoarthritis is a natural part of getting older. It’s a little complicated but basically what happens is that the protective cartilage that cushions and lubricates the places where our puppers’ bones meet wears down or deteriorates over time. If our dogs lose enough of it, bone eventually ends up rubbing directly on bone. The connective tissues that hold the joint together and keep the muscles attached start to disintegrate and the whole area becomes painfully inflamed.

It’s pretty easy to spot the signs: Our puppers don’t move like they used to. Their enthusiasm is zapped or they seem downright lethargic. They stop running and jumping, and generally play a lot less. Lying down and getting up is hard, and you might see some lameness in their legs. Stairs will be tough, and your dog may even get a little cranky when you touch them. These symptoms might be something else (always check with your vet!), but much of the time they’re arthritis, and there’s lots we can do if it is:

  • Give them a nice soft, thick-padded bed in a warm place.
  • Use ramps to help them get up on your sofa and bed, and in and out of the house.
  • Take them out for plenty of exercise, even if it’s just slow, gentle walks.
  • Put carpets over slippery floors to prevent falls.

Your doggo will be grateful for all of these things, but what they may thank you for the most is some CBD.

CBD has shown some pretty amazing promise when it comes to treating arthritis, and lots of evidence suggests it might be exactly what our dogs are looking for. One project found CBD’s well-known anti-inflammatory abilities had “a potent anti-arthritic effect”. Another said that CBD may be a good way to treat osteoarthritis joint pain. And a study done just two years ago said that two daily helpings of CBD boosted both comfort and activity in dogs with osteoarthritis.

All of which is exactly why we cooked up Bakko’s Get Up and Go Biscuits. They’re loaded with lots of full-spectrum CBD and natural joint boosters like green mussel, glucosamine, and chondroitin to put everything that can help our arthritic pups in one yummy treat. We say share them with your own furry friends and help them age gracefully not painfully!