Meet the Dogs: Bakko (Hip and Joint Formula)

What is a functional CBD dog biscuit? It's not just about CBD. Equally important are THE OTHER INGREDIENTS - herbal botanicals to be exact. With the help of a team of pet food scientists I've formulated a unique and incredibly functional line of bites and tinctures.

There's an immense amount of botanical ingredients that when added in an efficacious amount (meaning a useful and specific amount) can compliment CBD and provide your pets specific needs an aid in helping to energize, calm, relieve, and soothe your pet for whatever life throws at them.

Each of our 4 functional formulas were inspired with the needs of a real dog in my life and their unique needs. 

Austin and Kat Flowers

I met Bakko in 2011, chomping his way through a garden of echinacea.

When Bakko's hind legs eventually began to fail him in his old age, his owner, Elizabeth, said my original CBD biscuits helped him get around more easily (and with less discomfort).

Inspired by his love for botanicals, I got to work creating a recipe just for Bakko. I mixed full-spectrum CBD with salmon oil, flaxseed, New Zealand green mussel, glucosamine, chondroitin, ginger and L-carnitine for a pleasant, herbal biscuit for dogs like Bakko who just want to get up and go!

If your pup is suffering with hip and joint issues, these new functional treats with an efficacious amount of additional supplements and botanicals can really help!

Bakkos Hip and Joint Range

Give your dog's hips and joints some natural support,
and let me know what you think!

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