Isolate vs Broad Spectrum vs Full Spectrum CBD

CBD is extracted from hemp to form basic kinds of “raw” CBD: Isolate, Broad Spectrum, and Full Spectrum. Each one has pros and cons, but Full Spectrum CBD is what we use in our CBD pet products, for a very important reason.

But first, what's the difference between these three types of CBD?


Isolate is pretty much what it sounds like: it’s CBD that’s extracted from hemp and processed to remove everything that isn’t CBD itself. The result is the most inexpensive form of CBD around and—at 99.9%—the purest, too.

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad Spectrum is almost the opposite of Isolate. We say “almost”, because while this type isn’t processed to remove all the other things hemp contains, it is treated to strip out any THC that’s present. (That’s the substance that gives marijuana its psychoactive effects.)

Full Spectrum CBD

We think of as the “whole food” version. It’s a straight, 100% unrefined extract that contains all the components of the original plant in their original ratios. In addition to CBD, it’s loaded with fatty acids, terpenes, phenols, and other important cannabinoids, including trace amounts of THC.

 isolate vs broad spectrum vs full spectrum cbd


Which is the Best Form of CBD?

Lots of products use Isolate. After all, it’s the cheapest and the purest form. But for us, its Full Spectrum or nothing. That’s because of something called the “entourage effect,” which found that CBD is most effective when served up in combination with all the other compounds hemp contains. In other words, what we’re really after when we use CBD is not CBD alone but the result of a complex natural cocktail of substances all working together in a balanced way.

Full Spectrum CBD contains that full unadulterated mix, and because of that, your pets need less of it to enjoy its benefits. That’s why we encourage everybody to look for it when they shop for themselves or their family members, furry and otherwise. It’s CBD the way nature intended, and experience tells us that makes all the difference.