How to Use CBD

"How much CBD should I give my dog?"

It's a great question and the one we hear the most! CBD is still pretty new to many people, including many of our four-legged friends. The good news is that we've been doing this for a while so here’s our advice.

  1. Start with 2mg of CBD for every 10 lbs of pet weight.
    Whether it’s in a chew or an oil - our CBD is all the same, there is no difference in effectiveness between types of products. For best results, serve CBD 30 minutes before a meal.

  2. Be consistent while you evaluate results.
    Some dogs take CBD as part of their daily regimen, others only use it as an occasional supplement to deal with situational issues (like fireworks, trips to the vet, and being left alone). Whichever way you plan to use CBD with your dog, be consistent until you understand what works best for them.

    We recommend giving the same CBD serving 2x a day, 4-8 hours between servings, for at least 3 days to get a good baseline.

  3. Don’t be afraid to experiment.
    There is no one-size-fits-all CBD solution - factors such as your dog’s size, metabolism, and condition will all impact how CBD works for them. Adjust by ½ serving as needed and go from there! (And don’t worry, CBD is safe and natural. Your dog will not overdose on CBD!)

    In many cases, your pet will tell you if it’s time for more. You’ll notice they’re having symptoms again, and you can come to the rescue with a dropper or a chew. They’ll be grateful when you do!


Every pet is different,
you know your pet best!

As we’ve mentioned above, every dog will benefit from CBD differently. Because you are the lucky person who spends the most time with your pet, you'll be the first to notice how they react to CBD and how to best incorporate it in their routine.

To help guide you, here are a few examples of how dogs use our CBD....

#1: Frank, Little but Mighty
Frank is a 25lb pug - he’s got lots of energy and he LOVES to bark the ears off of visitors to his home. Frank gets 15mg of CBD (in our No More Wiggles blend) about 45 minutes before visitors arrive. That’s 3x more than our recommendation of 2mg per 10 lbs of weight for beginners, but it’s just the right amount to help him greet visitors more calmly.

On days when thunderstorms are predicted, Frank gets a 10mg serving of CBD before breakfast and 5mg more throughout the day to help him chill out before the storm hits.

#2: Bella, Aging Gracefully
Bella is a 75lb lab who is visibly suffering from joint pain as she’s gotten older. Bella moves more easily with 20mg of CBD from our Extra Strength Oil in the mornings and evenings before her meals, as a regular addition to her diet. On extra creaky days, her owner gives her an additional 10mg in the mornings for extra support.



 #3: Mr. Spock, Leader of the Pack
Mr. Spock is a 40lb mutt who loves to lead his owner on long runs through the neighborhood. He’s in good health and his owner wants to help him stay that way for as long as possible, so she gives him a 5mg Everyday Wellness Chew as a daily treat after their runs to support homeostasis and recovery.



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