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Winter’s here! And while our pups see nothing but fun waiting in all that snow, there are a few things we pet owners should do to keep them safe while it’s around. Here are the four pieces of seasonal advice we think are most important:

Tip #1: Warm more than their hearts. Despite built-in fur coats, our puppers get chilly. Although age, weight, health, and coat color and type all mean different comfort strokes for different four-legged folks, temperatures above 45° are generally ok for everybody. Between 45° and 32°, keep an eye on smaller guys, breeds with thin or short-haired coats, and both puppies and seniors. Below 32°, these sensitive souls will need a jacket with a nice snug collar, and you’ll want to start keeping an eye on the rest of your pack, too. When the thermometer hits 20°, even cold-tolerant double-coated breeds like huskies and shelties can feel it. You can tell when they do—dogs get less active or more anxious, whine, shiver and/or raise their feet in the air when they’ve had it.

Tip #2: Pause for their paws. Sidewalk salt and snow-melt chemicals can hurt sensitive feet and the cold can, too. Wash everyone’s paws and belly after they’ve been outside, and get rid of those pesky ice balls between their toes to prevent frostbite. (Trimming paw fur can prevent these from forming in the first place!) A little petroleum jelly on your pup’s pads can help protect them, though we like booties better. You can even use a CBD balm to help soothe their irritated paws - try Mr. Moxey’s skin salve, it’s made from our sister company, and every ingredient is all-natural.

Tip #3: Keep them at your feet! Indoors is the happiest place for our pets during winter. If yours spend any extended time in the yard, make sure they have a dry shelter that’s big enough to lie down in and raised up 3-4" off the ground. Point the entrance away from prevailing winds, put some soft bedding down, and cover the door with a heavy waterproof flap. Your sweet boy or girl will be grateful!

Tip #4: Feed them well. Winter’s cold means our furry friends are burning more calories to stay warm, and a little extra in their bowl can go a long way, especially if they’ve got a lot of energy. You can add some yummy meal toppers or throw in a few healthy treats throughout the day to boost their calorie content. Just make sure to give them plenty of fresh water, too, which helps their skin stay problem-free in winter’s dry air. 

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