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Should You Try CBD With Your Nervous Dog?

Dog owners know their puppers are people, too. Sure, they don’t look like us, and we don’t share their love for sniffing everything in sight, but underneath all that fur is a real soul, and just like us, sometimes those souls get a little anxious.

The biggest causes of dog anxiety are fear or phobias, separation from their families, illnesses like hypothyroidism, and old age-related dementia, blindness, or deafness. 

Everything from unexpected noises and sudden new sights to strangers and vet visits can trigger anxiety in our four-legged companions. Most of the time, the mood passes almost as soon as it starts. But sometimes anxiety won’t let go. You may have spotted some of the signs of anxiousness in your own pup:

  • Out-of-character aggression
  • Sudden potty issues
  • Drooling and/or panting
  • Destructive activities
  • Whining or whimpering
  • Excessive barking or licking
  • Pacing and restlessness

If you’re seeing any combination of the above on a regular basis, the chances are good that you’ve got an anxious pupper on your hands.

Lots of times there’s an easy fix to dog anxiety. It can be as simple as some extended physical contact with your friend. A little TLC often goes a long way! Regular exercise is another great way to keep your pup mellow. Distractions like puzzle toys help, too. And don’t forget to check your own mental state—our dogs are keenly tuned into us and can sense our own anxiety. In those moments, calming ourselves can calm our pets.

If all else fails, try a time-out in a quiet space with no stimulation and you nearby. You can also un-condition your pupper's fear response by associating the object of their anxiety with treats or other rewards. Over time, what used to make them nervous will begin to mean something fun is on the way!

There’s good evidence that natural non-toxic CBD may ease anxiety, too. It could be especially helpful in older dogs whose anxiousness is caused by physical breakdowns that won’t respond to things like extra hugs or more walks. In these cases, science is learning that our favorite cannabinoid might be able to chemically reduce anxiety, which is just what our aging pups need. Young or old, our friends and customers have reported good results with our CBD dog treats and our CDB pet oils. That’s why we make them, and that’s why the anxious dogs in our own extended Austin and Kat family are happy that we do.