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CBD for Older Dogs

It’s a fact of life that the puppies we fall in love with eventually grow up and grow old like everybody else. And just like us, the days sometimes get a little harder when they do. Pain, inflammation, joint issues, and mobility problems can all get in the way of a good life in later years. Fortunately, nature has given us CBD, and it might just be the answer our senior pups are looking for.

Pain, for example, is a common problem in older dogs—dysplasia, back or spinal issues, arthritis, and old injuries can all make our four-legged friends hurt. Usually, they’re prescribed conventional pain relievers, but these medicines create problems of their own. A better option may be cannabinoids like CBD. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine says there’s “conclusive or substantial evidence” they can relieve chronic pain without side effects.

Inflammation is another typical ailment in our puppers’ autumn years whether it’s related to arthritis, joint conditions, or something else. Here again, CBD may have a lot to offer. One study that reviewed the evidence found 16 separate ways in which it may work to reduce inflammation and the discomfort that follows!

This is super important because when we stop inflammation, we stop the pain and movement problems we often see in our fur babies when their dog years start to add up. Conventional care usually means steroids or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. But, like pain relievers, the long-term use of these meds can have serious side effects. CBD may be a great way to achieve the same anti-inflammation results with a lot less worry.

The last gift CBD may bring to our aging fur babies is peace of mind. As our pups get older, their hearing and eyesight can fade, and dementia sometimes creeps in, all of which can lead to anxiousness. There’s lots of evidence that CBD may alleviate this anxiety and help our aging pets enjoy happier, calmer lives.

We’ve heard plenty of stories ourselves from friends and customers. And while we’re the first to say more science should definitely be done, we also think the experience of those we trust is worth something, too. What that means when it comes to CBD and your older dog is simple: it can’t hurt to give this safe and natural treatment a try. 

And above all else, make sure the CBD you’re buying for your furry family member is from a reputable source. We recommend trying Brady’s Senior Blend CBD Biscuits. Not only does each cookie come with 10mg of full-spectrum CBD, it’s also infused with botanicals chosen specifically for our senior canine citizens like: glucosamine, chondroitin, turmeric and New Zealand Green Mussel. Above all else, we just want our loved ones to feel more comfortable, and CBD can help.