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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use

How much CBD do I give my pet?

What effects should I be looking for?

When should I see a difference?

Can my pet take CBD daily?

How do I use the biscuits?

How do I use the oils?

I have a horse. How would I use the CBD?

They won't eat the biscuits, what should I do?

A closer look at Austin and Kat products

Are they all natural and gluten free?

Does Austin and Kat lab test their products?

How are they made and where?

What is the shelf life of the biscuits?

What is the shelf life of the oil?

What if I ate a biscuit?

All about CBD

What is hemp and CBD?

What are the benefits of using hemp from CBD?

What's the difference between hemp & marijuana?

Will CBD get my dog or cat high?

What does Full Spectrum CBD mean?

Is your CBD oil organic?

Are there side effects? Could my dog or cat overdose?

Shipping & Returns

How much is shipping?

How do I make a return?

Can you ship internationally?

I'd like my local store to carry Austin and Kat. What can I do?