Frequently Asked Questions

Hemp 101

Hemp: The "non-drug" variety of the cannabis plant has been used for thousands of years. It has been known to have health benefits but only recently have scientists discovered that hemp contains a cannabinoid called CBD. 

CBD: This non-psychoactive cannabinoid is one of more than 60 compounds also found in hemp. CBD acts on the body's endocannabinoid (internal cannabis) system, creating noticeable changes in the body, which can be beneficial in many ways.


Long story short - hemp is the plant and CBD is a compound within the plant. 

Hemp is a related yet uniquely different type of cannabis plant that has literally thousands of uses.

Scientifically, we now know that industrial hemp plants tend to have naturally occurring high levels of the cannabinoid CBD (a non-psychoactive cannabinoid), while producing low amounts of THC (the cannabinoid containing psychoactive properties). Conversely, the marijuana plant produces high THC levels and low CBD levels.

We only use hemp in our products.

For more details on the difference between hemp and marijuana, check out our blog post.

No. Not possible.

Hemp and marijuana are pretty similar to look at but under the proverbial hood, they are different, well, plants. There’s nothing in CBD that could give your pet a psychoactive experience (you get stoned).

Hemp produces less than 1% of THC, the active chemical in marijuana that causes a head high. If your pup seems a little more relaxed, CBD is truly just calming them down.

CBD interacts with a pets' endocannabinoid system - the central regulatory system known to regulate bodily processes such as digestion, anxiety, mood, pain, inflammation, and sleep. CBD rich hemp oil also contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which can have additional antioxidant properties. 

We source our CBD from the first National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) preferred hemp extractor—Treehouse Hemp. We welcome you to visit our lab tests here and to check out their website

We are very proud of our partnership with Treehouse Hemp and our shared mission of only providing the best ingredients. 

How to use CBD

We recommend giving 2mg of CBD per 10lbs of pet weight. Oils provide an onset of quick support as absorption starts in the mouth within 15-20 minutes and effects can last for 4-8 hrs.

It is best if served 30-45 minutes before a meal. You can serve it alone in a small bowl, apply to a dehydrated treat, or with a bite sized amount of food. 

Just as every human is different, so are animals! Some may need a bit more CBD, some may need a bit less. Some respond very quickly, while some require just a bit more time to see any noticeable change.

Use this recommendation as a guide to start, then (at your discretion), feel free to adjust serving size—be it more or less.

We recommend serving the bites and chews on an empty stomach and waiting to serve a meal for at least 30 minutes.

Many dogs enjoy their chews before or after a morning walk for a calmer afternoon. Others like theirs just before bedtime as they settle in for sleep. Some owners give their pet one or two before they leave the house to help with separation anxiety. 

The choice is yours, and the options are almost endless! It all depends on your pet’s needs and/or your personal routine. 

Our CBD bites and chew are the most convenient way to give your pet CBD that provides long-lasting support throughout the day. Try to give CBD consistently for at least 3 days while you evaluate results. Feel free to adjust by an additional 1/2 serving at a time, as you see fit.

ps: Austin likes a one after a long hike to help him recover! 

The most efficient way to give oil to your pet is by placing drops in your pet’s mouth. However, we understand that can be a bit tricky so we also recommend coaxing your pet to lick it off your bare hand or from a small plate or bowl. If this doesn’t work, you can also mix with a small amount of food or with a small treat.

Our oil dropper has easy-to-read measurements on the side for consistency, making it easy to figure out what serving size to start with—and to ensure proper dosing time after time.

Oils can provide extremely quick support (within 15-20 minutes) and are a good alternative for pets with food aversions or those who may have difficulty eating our delicious bites.

Try mixing with a little food or on a treat or try applying the tincture to your cat's paw, as they have a tendency to lick it clean

One other solution is to apply it to the soft skin of your cat’s inner ear! We recommend you apply the oil to your finger and rub it into the area where the fur stops growing.

This is a great alternative way to access the bloodstream quickly, while avoiding the digestive tract. 

Pets will start to experience the beneficial effects of CBD 15-45 minutes after ingestion, depending on metabolism and other factors (an empty stomach will lead to quicker absorption). 

Each serving should last about 4-8 hours in their system. The best way to get started is to pick a specific time of day. Does your pet need a little get-up and go in the morning? Or does your dog need something to help to settle in at night? Use that as the opportunity to try CBD. 

Above all, though, remain consistent with your timing. Sometimes it can take a few days to see any sort of effect. Remember—you know your pet better than anyone else, so be on the lookout for any differences in behavior or improvement in mood until you decide what works best.  

Austin and Kat oils, bites, and chews' are completely safe, non-toxic, and non-habit forming.

We’ve worked with thousands of owners and veterinarians and we have only ever seen positive things happen when pets are given CBD.  

It might surprise you that for pets (and humans alike) there is no negative consequence to consuming too much CBD, except you'll have used up all of your stock!  

Of course, while nothing serious can occur, we always advocate administering the recommended serving size to avoid any unforeseen complications and consulting your veterinarian before adding anything new to your pet's routine. 

Should your pet eat an entire package (let me guess, you have a Labrador) please consult your veterinarian and be possibly prepared for an upset stomach from too many bites or chews.  

Some pets will experience the benefits of CBD in as little as five minutes, but for pets who need more support, it may take as long as a week or two for your pet’s system to respond to daily servings.

If you don't notice any changes within an hour, try giving your pet another half serving (and if your pet is particularly anxious or active, try giving a little bit more)—and understand it may take a few days to recognize your pet's improvement! 

If you have specific questions, please feel free to email —we’ll get you sorted out promptly.

Yes, the bites, chews, and oils are safe, non-toxic, and provide a complement to your pet’s already healthy diet

CBD is best when taken alone or with a small amount of food. Our customers have noticed that mixing our oils into food might slow down its absorption, but that doesn’t mean it will affect its benefits. 

Taken orally, CBD is absorbed through the mucosal membranes in the mouth (it sounds grosser than it is), but food may help it sneak by into the stomach.

Even a healthy human needs support every once in a while. Pets are no different! Think of all the times you might feel stress, and you can bet your pet might as well.

Product Questions

Active ingredients are listed in descending order according to weight or volume. Inactive ingredients, however, are listed in alphabetical order.

Inactive ingredients include everything from preservatives and thickeners to flavors and more. Most often, they’re stabilizers. 

But don't worry, everything in our products come from nature, so you won't see any synthetic preservatives or colors here. Your pet's health comes first!

You’re now an official member of the Austin and Kat pack. Welcome!

But really, our products are made with human-grade ingredients, so go ahead and keep snacking. Just don't be surprised if your pet gets a little jealous.

At very high doses, research suggests that CBD may inhibit the CYP 450 liver enzymes, which aid in the proper metabolism of some pharmaceuticals. 

It’s not unique to CBD—things like grapefruit juice can do so, too. It may be okay in some instances, but ultimately, your vet may be the best person to answer this question.

Every batch of Austin and Kat is formulated by our team in the beautiful Pacific Northwest—Seattle, Washington.

Austin and Kat is classified as a dosage form product —not a food—so guaranteed analysis doesn’t apply.

You bet! Our hemp is grown and cultivated according to 100% organic practices that go beyond what the USDA requires to qualify as organic. 

We supply our hemp from Treehouse Hemp, the first National Animal Supplement Council preferred hemp supplier. Feel free to check out their website here. We’re proud to be working with their team. 

Oh yes! An independent, 3rd-party lab tests each and every batch of our "bites" and oils.

Our proprietary CBD oil blend is also independently tested before leaving Treehouse Hemp to ensure every batch meets every one of our Austin and Kat standards. 

But it doesn’t end there. All of our test results are available online , so you can feel good about what you’re giving your pet.

You can store your bites and chew in their sealed package for up to one and a half years or until the expiration date passes (and here’s a little secret—if you freeze them, they’ll last for up to two years). 

And let’s be honest—your pet is going to love them (and benefit from them) so much that you’ll be reordering long before they expire.

As a reminder, don’t store these in warm places, please! (That means you won’t want to keep them in that hot car in the middle of summer—we are looking at you, Arizona).

CBD and other cannabinoids are subject to degrading over time and light, heat, and air can accelerate the process and break down natural compounds. We store our oil in a dark, airtight bottle to allow for the most efficient shelf life.

Orders and Shipping

We use the United States Postal Service* for shipping, and orders over $50 ship free!

Standard Shipping: $7 for first class mail and will arrive in 4-7 business days

*Orders with two or more items require priority mail, but good news, if you’re buying two items, you might hit the limit for free shipping. Woohoo!

Our team ships Monday through Friday and your order should ship within 24-48 hrs from when you receive your first confirmation email, depending on what day you placed it.

First class shipping takes 4-7 business days and priority shipping takes 1-3 business days.

Please give us a call 206-446-4819 or send us an email at and our team will track down your order.

Woohoo! We love to shop local—use our location finder to find the closest independent pet store near you that carries our products. 

Ask them to email us at

Unfortunately, due to US laws, we cannot ship outside the United States. Bummer.

Cancels and Returns

We’d be so disappointed if you did, but understand things change. As long as your order has not shipped it can be canceled. Please email or call 206-446-4819.

If for any reason you and/or your pet are not happy with your order, please let us know at

If you aren't happy with your order and would like to exchange it to try a different product please contact us at or 206-446-4819 and we will be happy to exchange your order. 

Subscriptions and Bark Bucks

If you’re on a desktop computer, go to the top right corner of our website and click the person image next to the shopping bag image and if you’re on a mobile device, click the menu bar on the upper left hand side of the screen and select ‘Log In’. 

You will be taken to a login page that will ask for your email and password. To create an account, click ‘create an account’ and use the email address you have previously ordered from. 

Once you are logged into your account, you will see your active subscriptions. Under the ‘Actions’ column you can edit, swap, or cancel your subscription. 

Once you are logged into your account, you will see your active subscriptions. Under the ‘Actions’ column, you can select cancel.

You can make edits to your subscription by clicking the “edit” button under the ‘Actions’ column.

You can make edits to your subscription by clicking the “edit” button under the ‘Actions’ column.

You can update your address by clicking ‘Edit’ under the ‘Actions’ column.

You can update your address by clicking ‘Edit’ under the ‘Actions’ column.

Bark Bucks are part of Austin’s Rewards program. Bark Bucks can be redeemed for dollar off coupons on future orders. You can earn bucks for every order placed, liking us on social media, celebrating your pet’s birthday, writing a review, adding a picture or video to your review, and following us on social media. 

You can redeem your Bark Bucks by logging into your account and clicking Austin’s reward button on the bottom right corner of our website. Scroll under your referral code and you will see ways to earn and ways to redeem. Click on ways to redeem and pick the reward you would like. A coupon code will pop up for you to use at checkout. 

First, copy your coupon code. Next, navigate into your active subscriptions under ‘My Account.’ Under the subscription box, you will see an “apply discount code” box, paste your code and the coupon code will be applied to your next renewal order. 

You earn 3 bucks for each $1 spent. You can also earn bucks for liking us on social media, celebrating your pet’s birthday to your profile, writing a review, adding a picture or video to your review, or sharing us on social media.

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